"We long to understand that which causes us to question"

Your friends and family will delight in the wonderful  array of creatures 
brought to your party. Each guest is invited to learn about and interact 
with these amazing and friendly creatures. 

ur animal adventure specialists have been trained to engage the audience as effective entertainers, as well as  outstanding educators.  This guarantees 
each show to be a quality performance, not just a random sampling of animals. 

Your guests are made to feel great about themselves and the creatures 
brought to your event.  Some creatures seem daunting and mysterious 
at first, but as the show progresses, guests become braver and more 
aware of the creatures and the myths surrounding them.  Guests who previously would have 
never agreed to touch any of these misunderstood creatures, oftentimes hold them and truly begin to see them as incredible.

Participation is always an individual choice.  Every guest has the choice 
to look at, touch or hold these amazing animals.
This party is for ages 3 to 103.

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