Hello Deb,
   Just wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful reptile show yesterday!  Michael will never forget this Birthday!  The parents and kids have given numerous complements on what a wonderful time they had yesterday with the reptiles and how informative you were.  A lot of parents said they touched and held things they never in their life thought they would.  I still can't believe my Mother-in-law held the snakes and the tarantula.  She won't even look at Dylan's snakes sometimes.  Dylan wanted me to let you know that he is very interested in helping you with events just send us an e-mail or call anytime you need his help he will be more than glad to. And he wanted me to thank you again for the hissing cockroach's, you made his day:) 
                                 Thanks again,
                                  Angel Singleton

I'm Max's dad and he wanted my to thank you for letting him hold the lizard at the coffee shop this morning.
Max said that all he wanted to do today is hold a lizard for the first time and it was fun.  Here is the cell phone picture that his mom took.
John Gerhardt

Hi Deb,
These are the pictures taken this morning.  This is my granddaughter, Grace.  Thanks for the opportunity to show Grace the critters and creatures and especially to interact with them.  Grace was born loving nature.  It was great 


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-Thomas Edison