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Beauty and the Beasts Photo Shoots!!!!

I have wanted to do this project for so long, I feel like I just need to throw it out to the universe and see what happens.  We are in search of photographers who are comfortable shooting boudier photo with live exotic reptiles; hence "Beauty and the Beasts" for collaborative photos.

This photo shoot is an exciting encounter for women (and men), for both overcoming your fear of being in front of the camera along with allowing incredible and misunderstood creatures to be phtographed in artistic and beautiful settings.  My dream has been for some time now, to allow women, who may not choose to do something like this normally, to do something a little daring and unique, for themselves or for a gift to their spouse or partner.  It is really an amazing experience.

If you have your own photographer, and you would like to do a photo shoot with the animals, please contact us.  At this time, we are only just beginning this project, but I believe with time and in demonstrating how amazing and unique this experience will be, I intend it to be something more than just a photo shoot, but more of an experience that allows women and men to 

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