This party is for those who like to play!!                                             
Whether you want competition in the form of score cards, or just some 
                          friendly initiatives, Deb's Dragons prides itself on having an amazing 
                          selection of over 20 "Fear Factor" type intitiatives and games 
to                                    to choose from. (Please email us for the secret list of games)

         All of the games are toned down for small children, while 
becoming increasingly more challenging for teens and adults. 

This party is fast-paced and exciting. This party comes with optional score card 
for each guest. 

Prizes can be awarded to each guest for participating. 
(Can be purchased from Deb's Dragons if desired) 

This party is for ages 5 - adult
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You're never too old and You're never too young, to conquer your fears...
-Kelsey, Junior Wrangler age 13
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Fried Mealworms, yummy!!
 Tarantula Test!! 
Kiss of Death!!